Oil & Gas

We currently supply a vast range of products into the oil and gas sector a few of the more specialised products are listed below we also have over 2000 products available from stock for same day/next day delivery just have a look in our catalogue on the products page

 Seet bags all sizes

Wet and dry core sample bags and envelopes

Wet core plastic trays

Platform Labels

UN certified packaging

Mouldable Wrap

Product                  Size
Mouldable Wrap   75mm x 100m


Hazard Warning Labels

Explosive    1
Flammable Gas   2.1
Non-Flammable Compressed Gas 2.2
Toxic Gas   2.3
Flammable Liquid  3
Flammalbe Solid   4.1
Spontaneously Comustible 4.2
Dangerous When Wet  4.3
Oxidiser/Oxidising Agent 5.1
Organic Peroxide  5.2
Toxic    6.1
Infectious Substance  6.2
Radioactive I   7
Radioactive II   7
Radioactive III   7
Corrosive   8
Miscellaneous Substances 9     

Steel Drums - 1A1 & Tinplate Cans IP3

1Ltr UN Cert Steel Drum Lacquered 1A1/X1.5/250        
5Ltr UN Cert Steel Drum Lacquered 1A1/X/600
11Ltr UN Cert Steel Drum Lacquered 1A1/X/520




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